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Specialist Consultation in Brisbane

A specialist consultation is the start of your healthcare journey with us. It provides an opportunity for you to meet and discuss your concerns with a specialist gastroenterologist and understand the next steps that need to be taken.

What happens in a specialist consultation?


You will sit down with your doctor, who will start by listening to your concerns and understanding what is important to you.


Your doctor may then ask additional questions about your symptoms, your medical history, your family history, and other aspects of your life that may be impacting on your health. These questions help us gain a full picture of your situation and determine the most appropriate next steps for you. Your doctor may also conduct a physical examination, such as feeling your abdomen.


Finally, your doctor will have a discussion with you about any potential causes for your concerns, any further tests that need to be performed, or any treatment that can be started.
The consultation is always focused on you. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have or interrupt at any point with information you think may be relevant.

No, absolutely not. Please eat and drink as you normally would.

You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for your appointment but it is helpful if you bring along:

  • A referral from your GP
  • An up to date list of any medications you take
  • The results of any blood tests, imaging scans or other investigations you’ve had done
  • A list of questions you’d like us to answer or any signs or symptoms you’d like to discuss.

You are most welcome to bring a support person with you, such as a friend or family member. Many people also find it helpful to bring a notebook so they can write down any important information.

Having listened to your history, found out about your symptoms and examined you, your specialist may then:

  • Order additional blood tests or imaging scans to diagnose a particular condition
  • Recommend a colonoscopy, gastroscopy or capsule endoscopy to view the inside of your digestive tract
  • Prescribe medication if indicated
  • Talk to you about treatment options.

Rest assured, no procedures will be performed on the day of your consultation. If a particular procedure is required, it will be scheduled for a separate day so you’re able to prepare for it properly.

How do I arrange a specialist consultation?

You will need to first obtain a referral from your GP to come see us at Serenity Gastroenterology. If you already have a referral, please call and talk to one of our friendly staff to book an appointment at a time suitable to you. You can also fax us the referral and we will contact you.

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